HVIS Name change banner final

We have officially changed our name from Hunter Valley Insurance Brokers to Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers. But don’t worry, the team and your broker remains the same!

Hunter Valley Insurance Brokers recently joined forces with another large broker located in Queensland, Insurance Aid General Brokers to create Aviso EIA.

From November 30, we became Aviso EIA; E(Eagle) I(Insurance) A(Aid). The name recognises the legacies of the two originating businesses, Insurance Aid and Eagle Insurance Brokers and the merger brings with it exciting new opportunities for our people and our customers.

What has changed?

You will notice our existing logo will be replaced by our new Aviso EIA logo on all new documentation from today, November 30th, 2020. We will also have an updated website, which can be found on this new address, please save for future reference; https://avisoeia.com.au

What has not changed?

Our core customer focus, company values, office locations and people will not be changing. There will be no changes to your existing insurance policies, apart from a new fresh and exciting look.


Q. Is there anything I have to do?
A. No. Everything remains the same for you and your current insurances.

Q. Will my Broker contact details change?
A. No. Your existing broker and contact will remain the same as before, if there are any changes of appointed brokers in the future you will be notified.

Q. Will any of my existing policies be affected by the change?
A. No. All existing policies issued under the Hunter Valley Insurance Brokers name and old logo will still be valid and effective.

Q. Will our office locations change?
A. We will not be making any changes to our office locations. All Aviso EIA offices will be the current offices of IAGB, Eagle and Hunter Valley. Noting the Head Office of the merged business will be located in Brisbane.

Q. Any other questions or concerns?
A. Please contact our office or your broker anytime and we will assist.

Thank you!