A look at women in Insurance.

At Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a look at women in Insurance.

Did you know that three quarters of our staff are women?

We come from diverse backgrounds, take on different roles, but we have more than a few things in common. We love the challenge of finding the right insurance, we take time to understand our customers and we’re always learning.

Insurance is a fantastic career for women and statistics show that more and more women are pursuing an insurance career.

However, the statistics from ANZIIF also show that in 2010 there were fewer women in board and executive positions and a widening pay gap in insurance today than four years prior.

Only 33% independent agencies are led by a woman agency principal or senior manager, according to the 2017 Future One Agency Universe Study.

So what’s the problem and how do we fix it?

At Aviso EIA we are grooming our women to become leaders of tomorrow with education, flexible working and empowerment.

We also have some fantastic role models in the industry including our own Heather Peirano who is a board member of NIBA and agency principle of Piranha Insurance, our Authorised Representatives in Rockhampton.

According to an ANZIIF article titled “Women in Insurance” taking opportunities, being unafraid to take risks and communicating your results” were key areas where women could improve their career prospects.

But according to the 18 women in executive insurance roles who contributed comments for the article, the most important factors in success were “networking, mentoring and most importantly being true to oneself and enjoying the upside of being a woman”

This advice was echoed in a recent Forbes article about female leadership.

“The Royal Bank of Canada in their recently commissioned, widely circulated study showing that having women in CEO positions improves company financial performance and lends to a more diverse workplace.

The article goes on to describe the unique traits that women can bring to leadership roles including:

  • Active listening
  • Inner calm
  • Creativity
  • Flexibity

All of these traits are pre-requisites for the insurance broking industry so look out world, here comes the Aviso EIA girls!

Happy International Women’s Day!!