Have you accessed Government support to make your house cyclone resilient?

If you have a house in a cyclone-affected area, there has never been a better time to undertake improvements to secure your property and save money.

The Queensland Government offers a Household Resilience Program to help eligible homeowners improve the resilience of their homes against cyclones.

Eligible homeowners in cyclone-affected areas (Bundaberg to Cape Town within 50km of the coast) can apply to receive a Queensland Government grant of 75% of the cost of improvements up to a maximum of $11,250 including GST.

In addition to the Government grant, some insurers are also offering homeowners who are successful in upgrading their homes a discount on their insurance policies!

Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers recently received notification from CGU that “Effective immediately, CGU will be offering eligible homeowners a discount on their home insurance where resilience works have been completed under this government program*”

This is great news for our clients in northern Queensland and we hope you take advantage of the funding on offer and contact us when you do, so we can apply for the insurance discount on your behalf.

We are so glad that our insurers are recognising customers who are actively reducing their risk of cyclone damage and that the amount of the discount will be determined by the type of improvements made to the home through the program.

Not all insurers are offering this discount but we can advocate on your behalf if we know that you have been part of the Household Resilience Program.

Here’s what CGU said about the process:

“As the improvements undertaken through the program are inspected by a Government representative, we can be confident that the measures have been installed correctly and that they are effective in reducing the risk of cyclone damage for a particular home.

“Therefore, the discount is not applicable in instances where the customer has completed the same improvements but paid for these themselves, rather than through the program.”

To receive the CGU discount, the customer must:

  • Have a home policy with CGU;
  • Live in the home (it’s their primary residence)
  • Be located in the Household Resilience Program eligible location
  • Have undertaken one or more improvements through the Government program; and
  • Send a copy of the completion certificate (which is called “Form 16” and “Form 21”)

*(the discount will not be offered to homeowners who self-fund resilience works).


For more information about insurance discounts or your home insurance cover please contact us on 07 3630 1823.

For more information about the Queensland Government, Household Resilience Program CLICK HERE