Christmas break or break-in? The holiday insurance you need

Christmas holidays are almost here, and many of us will take this opportunity to have an extended holiday break to celebrate with friends and family.

But before you go, we urge to you to do a quick review of your security and do some “risk management” for your private and business assets.

You might be travelling near or far to celebrate the holidays, but regardless of distance, it is extremely important to maintain the image of an occupied home or office to the outside world.

Many signs can show unwanted guests that your property is unattended. Below is a list of evidence that can make you a target for a break-in.

A build-up of mail

Little to no lighting surrounding the premises

No signs of activity

Lack of lawn & garden maintenance

Signage and social media posts displaying business/office closures

Before leaving, try to arrange:

Someone to collect or redirect your mail

Someone to be on call to check security devices are operational

Someone to maintain gardens and lawn

Have an extra security patrol check of premises

Your holiday is a time to be stress-free and take a break from the rat race; nobody wants to return from a well-deserved break to find their premises has been vandalised and/or broken into.

It might take you an extra 10mins or a half an hour to organise but making an effort to maintain appearances can save you time and money.

Let’s make this a holiday break, and not a break-in!

And remember, if you are worried your business is a target, insurance is the best risk management strategy you can have. Call our friendly team today and we can review your insurance needs to give you peace of mind.

Then if the worst should happen, the team at Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers claims team will be here to get you back on your feet.

We hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas.