Why do you need an Insurance Broker?

Why do you need an insurance broker?

In this day and age the ease of researching and purchasing insurance online can be a convenient option for many business owners. However, is this really the best option when choosing insurance policies for your business and ultimately your livelihood?

There are a range of products and insurers available and evaluating the options can be extremely complex. Especially if your occupation or needs aren’t a one-size-fits-all.

So here are five reasons to why you should speak to a professional insurance broker next time your business insurance policy is up for renewal.

  1. Personalised Service

When you insure direct with the insurer, you may have to make all insurance enquiries through a call centre or via email and get a different person every time. With a broker, you receive one-on-one service from start to finish.

  1. Professional Advice

As well as having a relationship with your broker or broking team, you’ll also receive professional advice from a qualified insurance professional with the experience to ask the right questions to gain a full understanding of what you do and what you need. This is likely not something you will receive when dealing with a call centre.

  1. Research

When using the services of a broker, they will look at your circumstances, assess your risk and evaluate what policies are right for you, saving you time in doing the leg work yourself. Brokers also have knowledge and experience to know which insurers are good in certain sectors and are performing well in claims.

  1. Alternative Markets

Insurance Brokers have relationships and training with a wide variety of Insurers as well as Underwriting Agencies. This means they can access alternative products and benefits that you would not receive direct from an insurer.

  1. Claims assistance

Unfortunately, most people never realise the true value of a broker until the worst happens and they experience a loss. Sometimes it’s the small inconveniences that add up to a painful experience, and sometimes it’s a major loss that is made more bearable knowing there is someone who knows how to navigate the experience that can take much of the load off your shoulders and support you through the process. From lodging the claim to negotiating settlement, a broker won’t stop working for you until your claim is finalised, ensuring as minimal disruption and the best possible outcome for you.

When you deal with an insurance broker you develop a working relationship with your account manager and service team. This means they will take the time to fully understand and care about you, your business and your needs which leads to a trusting relationship and peace of mind for you. It also means transactional business becomes easier and saves you time. Start saving time and worry now by contacting us at Aviso EIA Insurance Brokers on 07 3630 1823 or 07 5564 7333 alternatively email insurance@avisoeia.com.au or gcreception@insuranceaid.com.au

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